February 18, 2016


Winter 2019 Sessions

Canadian Financing Landscape

January 24, 2019

Led by Jeff Dennis

Finding money can be tough! Learn about how to find government grants, friends and family, angel investment, venture capital and public venture capital financing.


Design Thinking 
January 29, 2019

Led by David Senior

Design thinking is a formal method for practical, creative resolution of problems and creation of solutions, with the intent of an improved future result. Learn how to apply design thinking to your startup.


Time to Embrace the Power of Storytelling 

February 7, 2019

Led by Mark Evans

In a fast-moving world, storytelling matters more than ever. It’s how brands capture the spotlight and get consumers to pay attention at a time when they’re inundated with content and information. In this interactive and hands-on workshop, you’ll get insight into why storytelling matters and how you can make storytelling a key part of how you do marketing and sales.


Mindfulness Meditation for the Entrepreneurial Mindset 

February 13, 2019

Led by David Schlanger

What are the benefits of a mindfulness meditation practice for entrepreneurs? How can a mindfulness meditation practice enhance awareness, resiliency, creativity, critical thinking, and competitive advantage? How can you successfully incorporate a proper mindfulness meditation practice into your busy lifestyle? Join David Schlanger, a 40+ year award winning professor of Entrepreneurship and Strategy at Ryerson University, in an experiential seminar on the scientific underpinnings and practice of mindfulness meditation.


Content Marketing for the Scrappy Entrepreneur

February 27, 2019

Led by Braveen Kumar

Ideation: Creating a content marketing strategy with limited resources and coming up with good content ideas. Creation: A “playbook” of proven content ideas, free creation tools, best practices, and baking your business goals into every piece. Distribution: How to drive traffic through SEO, email, social, content discovery platforms, outreach, syndication, forums, and more. Optimization: Getting better results from your content (using “lead magnets”, “cross-pollinating” across your blog, website, and social), and measuring your performance.


Business Plans 

March 5, 2019

Led by: Ken Grant

Business Plans may be dead, but business planning is not. Learn what goes into a business plan and how to write one.


Entrepreneurial Ethics 

March 13, 2019

Led by: Ann Duhlanty

Startup entrepreneurs, particularly those with a business founded on innovative technology or business methods, face special challenges with the potential reach of their products into ethically untested areas, as new technologies are often ahead of existing laws. In addition, entrepreneurs are faced with the challenge of doing as much as they can with as few resources as possible, which puts additional pressures on them that may result in ethical or moral dilemmas.


Startup Social Media 

March 21, 2019

Led by: Brent Stirling

Do you know about the “burrito principle?” This is a crash course on SEO, website set-up, audit checklists, social media strategies and how to build one, which platforms to use, execution and measurement.


Applying for Government Grants 

March 26, 2019

Led by Jennifer MacInnis (LL.B)

Government grants can make or break an early-stage startup. Learn which grants to apply to, and how to increase your probability of success in getting them.


Customer Acquisition and Sales Training Workshop 
April 2, 2019

Led by: Chris Gray of Sales Force

This session will cover the science, methodology and strategy behind customer acquisition and prospecting. We’ll be reviewing the importance of implementing a sales process, exploring proven prospecting and cold-calling techniques, and breaking down effective and ineffective email approaches. The latter half of the session will be hands-on, where audience members write and submit their own prospecting emails based on the techniques presented. Volunteers will be selected to showcase their work.