February 18, 2016


Canadian Financing Landscape

January 28, 2021

Led by Jeff Dennis (LL.B, ICD.D), Lawyer and serial entrepreneur

Finding money can be tough! Learn about how to find government grants, friends and family, angel investment, venture capital and public venture capital financing.


Startup Social Media

February 4, 2021

Led by: Brent Stirling

Do you know about the “burrito principle?” This is a crash course on SEO, website set-up, audit checklists, social media strategies and how to build one, which platforms to use, execution and measurement.


Diversity and Inclusion Practices for Your Startup

February 18, 2021

Led by Dr. Wendy Cukier



Side Hustles and Startups: Is Entrepreneurship For You?

March 4, 2021

Led by Dr. Sean Wise

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to run your own business? Maybe you have an idea based on your passion and skills – or it’s come about because of the circumstances you find yourself in during these unusual times – but you just haven’t found the confidence or taken action to put it into practice yet? Join us at this interactive, informal session to explore the benefits and connect with the personal qualities of being a successful entrepreneur, network with other like-minded people, and find out once and for all if this could be for you.


  1. Explore what it takes to start up and run a successful business
  2. Understand the benefits and challenges, and personal qualities required, drawing on your own strengths, talents, and experiences
  3. Build confidence, clarity, motivation and resilience to help you to be successful
  4. Benefit from the opportunity to network, including breakout rooms with smaller groups, and experience a boost from amazing support from other participants


Digital Marketing Trends and Opportunities

March 11, 2021

Led By: Darrell Keezer, Founder | CEO, Candybox Marketing

Social Media has grown from helping people stay in touch with friends and family, to companies having conversations with their advocates in real-time. Businesses have started to utilize Social media channels to attract and convert prospects, but many still struggle with creating a strong online presence. As Canadians continue to be active on Social Media, business owners need to make themselves available to consumers. Learn how to build a Digital Marketing plan that doesn’t fall flat.


PR Fundamentals For Entrepreneurs

March 18, 2021

Led By: Deb Belcourt

With an average of three startups launched globally every second, competition to survive, much less thrive, is far from easy. Many startups often struggle to cut through the noise to tell their unique brand story. This session covers how to develop your story, your PR strategy and the state of the media landscape today.


Setting Up Shopify and Creating Your First Store

March 25, 2021

Led by Phill Smith

Your site is your storefront and your virtual salesperson. You may think that your “one-liner” description for your product is the coolest thing since sliced bread, but who is it directed at?

Your product might be insanely amazing, but if you’re communicating the wrong message on your site or the right message but at the wrong time, then you’re product is doomed to fail before it even gets a chance.
In this session, we’ll cover how to set up a site to build trust, credibility, and desire in your product.


Building a Community Around Your Product/Company

April 1, 2021

Led by: Khierstyn Ross

The strength and quality of a product’s community are key predictors of defensibility and success. Learn how to build a community from the ground up, and leverage it for growth and sales.